At last!

We are proud and happy that we finally can present to you our brand new album AGE OF SUFFERING that will be released through REXIUS RECORDS the 28th of October.

We have been working so hard on this album and we can promise you all that this is by far the best music material we have ever created.
Stay tuned for more info

A bright future

Inside the aritst’s head have signed a deal with Rexius Records!

This is a great day for all you ITAH fans out there since there will be a lot of news coming your way that will make you happy!
Currently working out the details about our full length album that will be released soon and planning on some future tours as well.
Check back often for all the latest news!

Summer’s almost here

So far 2015 has been a year of hard work for Inside the artist’s head. The guys have been in the studio recording their debut album for a couple of months now and are looking forward to hitting the road.

One new show is booked this far and many more to come. Check out the tour section for further information.

Don’t forget to check out our youtube channel InsideTV for fun videos and a chance to see what Inside the artist’s head are up to.

Age Of Suffering

Are you ready?

Are your ready for this!?
We are stoked and proud to announce that we will be releasing our debut album during the spring of 2015.

Inside The Artist’s Head – Age of Suffering, will be available on all major digital distribution channels and on vinyl for you audiophiles out there!

Stay updated for more information and news regarding this milestone in our musical journey!

Album art by the talented Nicolas Dubuisson Artwork