Inside The Artist´s Head was founded in early 2010 in Växjö, Sweden.
The band started out as a studio project that played digestible metalcore (but not really metalcore…it was more like punkrock with screams over it). However, not fully content with the situation of just recording and mixing, the two-man band eventually started to recruit members.
The aim was to recruit a lead guitarist and a drummer so the band could proceed as a quartet.
Easier said than done.
Drummers seem to be pretty much extinct in this neck of the woods. But what would happen if the band stepped out of the comfort of the studio? Well, yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery but of right now, things are looking up and I.T.A.H is moving with a steady pace forward.
The five-track EP “Paint Your Mind” was released in the late winter of 2012 and the band is now hard at work with giving birth to more songs.
The band is musically maturing and the new stuff is promised to be heavier and more straightforward than ever. Right now the band is looking for more gigs in Scandinavia and Europe to be able to share their hardcore influenced metalcore to the masses.